The Austin coffee scene is growing every day, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Direct-trade is our standard

Many roasters and coffee shops talk about being “fair trade” or “working with the farmer,” but few can really back it up. Thunderbird works only with roasters with true direct trade practices that involve the farmers, pickers, and processors in the country of origin as an equal part of the coffee-development process. This means that our roasters travel all over the world, many times per year, to develop and maintain real relationships with the people who grow your coffee.

Training, re-training

Of course, all that hard work and travel amounts to very little if the person making the coffee in front of you hasn’t been trained properly. Our baristas visit our roasting facility for a full day of training upon being hired, and we go back to train and re-train consistently.

You can take it with you

We sell all of our coffees in bulk for you to enjoy at home. Because we change our coffee blends and origins over the course of the year due to availability and picking the best crops, you’ll want to click here to see what’s fresh in our rotation right now. And when you buy a bag of our bulk coffee, you get a free coffee drink. Great deal!

It’s simple: We love coffee, and we want you to fall in love with it, too. We’ve done our best to create a space where anyone can come in and realize that better ingredients, better training, and a strong love for coffee makes a difference.