At Thunderbird Cafe and Tap Room, we’d love to claim that we have a better reason than sheer fun for creating our beer program, but the truth is, we don’t. There are no grand plans. No deep philosophy. What drove us to build out 35 exquisite taps was simply that we love beer and we love people and we really love putting those two together.

beer-offeringsThat same simple emotion drives our beer program. We love beer and strive to always sell interesting beer, well served.

We built a system that honors beer. We do all of our line and system cleaning in-house. 100% stainless steel hardware. A glycol system to protect temperature integrity on our beer’s short run from our cold room to the tap.

We also are building a list over time we’re proud of. We strive to keep things interesting and so rarely repeat the same beer. There are so many wonderful ones to choose from and we enjoy exploring them with you, week by week.